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Top Reasons to build your App on Android

Android Apps

Overview of Android Apps

The Android app industry in Brisbane is undoubtedly flourishing because of Android’s significant mobile app market share. While both Android and ios are present Android is the clear market leader

Interested in developing a mobile app for an Android Phone, Tablet, or other Android device? B2B as an application development company produces high-performing Android mobile applications that work on cross platforms as well as all Android devices. .

B2B’s Proven 5D Process for App Development Success

No matter if you’re a local startup or an established business, our app team of software development professionals can “Make it ‘hAPPen!” The motivated, skilled team at B2B Apps is ready to work with you on your upcoming app project. You can depend on the following process for app development:

Deep-Dive Phase

Risk-free and open consultation. We talk about your plans and ideas and dive deep into your needs and wants.

Discover Phase:

We help you with market potential, new business opportunities, product cost, and marketing strategy development that works for you.

Design Phase

We design a solution to present to decision-makers based on a brief that is personalised for you. We're ready to execute at every level.

Development Phase

We can adapt our flexible development method to your demands. We determine the best code for your app's functioning.

Deploy Phase

We test and launch your app, initially downloaded to new users from your website before final deployment to the App store.

B2B’s Proven 5D Process for App Development Success

No matter if you’re a local startup or an established business, our app team of software development professionals can “Make it ‘hAPPen!” The motivated, skilled team at B2B Apps is ready to work with you on your upcoming app project. You can depend on the following process for app development:

B2B App Development

Why Develop an Android App?

Many small business owners still believe that having a website or a Facebook page is sufficient to attract and get in touch with their customers—and this just isn’t true. The truth is, today every business—even a small business—needs a mobile app.

Many business owners may think developing and having an app is too expensive or an unnecessary investment, however a mobile app can help a small business engage with and build their customer base, drive sales, and improve their reputation in the market.

Why should your business develop an APP?

Apps Makes Life Easier

There is an app for everything: purchasing tickets, carrying out financial operations, obtaining information, interacting with friends and total strangers, connecting with your child's education, and using basic home electronics.

People are always on their smartphones

The typical mobile phone user checks it every 18 minutes. There is a continuous endeavour to read notifications, check updates, and play games. On an app, all of this takes place.

Communication and engagement

People easily switch from one trend to another in today's fast-paced society. It's difficult to get them interested in your brand. Getting new customers is one thing; keeping them is another. If they have your company's app on their phone, it will be simple for you to grab their attention and stay in touch with them.

Apps are Fun

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Smarter Marketing and Branding

An effective strategy to stay in touch with your customers is to launch an app. Every time a company releases an app or adds a new feature to it, they have the opportunity to run a marketing campaign for it.

Lead Generation and Conversion

It's easier to place an order for goods and services while seated on your living room sofa. Customers can save time and effort and avoid traffic. You may quickly give customers relevant promotions and information by using the data they have provided.

Android Apps for Smart Small Business:

Our Brisbane based Android app developers are aware that your business needs the latest operating systems to strike a balance between protecting crucial funding and ensuring you quickly launch a minimum viable product (MVP). We can assist you in refining your mobile app ideas, researching popular apps to take into account, creating an eye-catching prototype, and creating a user experience UX and user interface UI design approach that benefits your target audience. 

Together, we can create a visually attractive user interface using Developer Programming languages and a brand-consistent style guide. To ensure that app features and functionality don’t get lost during the development process, we take extra care through our 5D process

What Android app versions do B2B develop on?

The Android, Android Tablet and Android app market in Australia is booming with the very strong Mobile App market share that Android has, so we find a lot of clients have Android high on their mobile app development priority list.

Battery life, memory usage, and resource consumption for mobile devices must all be taken into account depending on the platform you are building on.

We can help, regardless of whether your product plan or roadmap calls for the use of the Android App Store and App Store Optimisation to market and advertise your mobile app with high app store rankings. 

We are familiar with how to publish apps to the App Store and how Android reviews those submissions.

5 Android Mobile App Development Challenges Due to Changing Technology

Why is it complicated?

Android has long been recognised for its innovative products, and its legacy lives on. The company’s ongoing attempts to improve the capabilities of its devices present both opportunities and problems for Android mobile app development.

Although Android based smartphones are the most popular Android product, other Android devices and gadgets such as tablets must also be addressed by app developers. A B2B App developer is mindful that users who buy Androids may also own Android Tablets.

For Android developers, balancing app performance with device memory restrictions is a serious challenge.This makes it difficult for Android app development companies such as B2B to regulate memory usage using the app.

A good internet connection and network speed are required to support Android app development services. While this may not be an issue for developers, it is necessary to consider here the connection is poor and the subsequent technology solutions when the app consumes rich media from the internet, such as streaming services and video applications.

People have embraced Android devices because of its excellent user experience UX and clean design idea. To build engaging experiences, B2B developers are at the cutting edge and know when they write code, they must concentrate on effective and efficient user interface and user experience UI/UX design.

Well over 3.5 million applications are available for download from Android’s App Store. This is a minor amount when compared to the number of apps that were not authorised for inclusion in this prominent app store. Android has strict criteria in place.

In light of this, it’s critical for B2B’s  Android apps Brisbane services to be entirely conversant with all standards and the most recent revisions in order to reduce the chance of rejection after spending so much time and money developing the app.